Father – پدر



Father – پدر

فارسی English



پیشوای فصل ها بودی

و شکوه فاصله ها

و دوری تعریف تو بود

آبادی از تو نماد یافت

با سنگ های بر پشتت

و نسیم حضورت

دم مسیحای ممکن من بود

در چارچوب دری

که عبور تو را

به هنوز منتظرش میخ می کوفت

زمان فرمان ایست داد

و تو را پدر نام نهاد .



Your were leading the seasons

Defined by separation and glorious distancing

With stones on your back,

You made here a place to live in

With your breeze-like presence

As if Jesus the Christ has possibly brought me from death to the life

I gained my life from you


When you were passing by a door waiting for you

Time was ordered to stand still in your honor

This way you were named the FATHER


پخش فایل صوتی

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